Monday, June 17, 2013

Month plus recap: Holding pattern?

I missed this checkin by a bit!  Over a month has passed, and I must say, i'm glad i have this log to keep me focused.

My diet has been hit or miss, i've too easily let myself become distracted.  I also signed up for a 5k and so i've beeb running too.  I had 7 days hiking and vacationing, so no real HIT workouts and my diet was too much trail mix and too much alcohol.

Nonetheless, my weight is down a little bit ( 178.5 ) and i had some decent workouts after getting back.  I tried a HIT workout soon after i got back, and bonked a bit.  Trying to get back on my healthy diet.

So, feeling this blog has been a great help to me, i'm going to redouble my focus on it, and update it in three weeks, seeing if 21 days of intense refocus after vacation can make a real difference.


* Super clean eating, no alcohol, sugar, excess fats.  Definitely work to increase my greens and vegetable intake even more.  Watch the grains.
* Focus on healthy fuel immediately after workouts. Green smoothie is best.
* Make sure every 4th day or so is some form of recovery day.
* Make sure i do at least 2 sculpt yoga classes a week for muscular development.