Saturday, February 11, 2012

Newly inspired

Part of my process to upgrading myself from a couch potato has been carefully tracking everything... Ever bit of food, calorie burned from exercise, a careful journal, etc. I also had a daily planner with recurring events to push me to do things.. Water the plants, take out the garbage, run stair, etc.

But about a week ago, i was thinking about how challenging that's become, and how many major tasks i had on my list, i often couldn't bring myself to do.

After a long session of rumination, i decided to just drop all of it. Don't track my workouts, don't track my food, don't have an endless cycle of recurring daily tasks. I decided if i signed up for another race or two, i could give myself the latitude to do this at least until race season was over.

So, i did it.. It was scary, terrifying even.. But it was fine. Actually, in the ten days since then, i've been much more productive, not less. It seems i had built up a tremendous immunity to being coerced into doing all the things i knew i needed to do.. And when i just let myself flow and asked myself what i should be doing now, that resistance mostly fell away. I got some thing done i've literally been procrastinating for months and months.

So, i'm doing this, at least until race season is over. I have to keep stopping myself, to remind myself that i don't have a list of things to do, that i can just stop, relax, and be in the moment... It's time to flow, people!

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