Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm pretty sure last week i had a cold, which makes me feel a little better about my crappy 5k.  All my stair workouts last week were super tough, and i was feeling super not-confident about US bank happening in only 7 weeks, so saturday i went to the gym on a mission: to come as close to simulating US bank on the stairclimber as possible.  With the number of steps and my goal of 12 minutes, i'd need to climb at a pace of 140 steps a minute.

I ended up coming close, 140 steps a minute for 12 minutes with 2 24 second "rests" at 80 steps a minute.  With that as a baseline workout, i decided i would do this workout 3 times a week, monday, wednesday, friday.  The first week with 2 rests, the next week with 1, the remaining weeks with no rest, perhaps adding in a few intervals after a little rest.  Then the last week, skip monday and wednesday with the race being friday.  

MWF evenings, do a c2 yoga, and a sculpt as time & energy permits.  sunday would be full rest ( to get ready for the week ).  Tuesday and Thursday would be active rest, no hard workouts, maybe an easy jog, easy yoga. Saturday would be a longer easy cardio workout, maybe a long run.

So all my stair workouts would be done on quite a bit of rest, as they're my core workout.

Today i did my first climb, and after a long tiring workout, i needed 36 second breaks instead of 24.  That was OK, but i got the workout in.  Even though it was a crazy weekend and morning, i kept that deal with myself, which felt really good!

Since the workout was hard today, i am going to get adequate rest, not likely doing sculpt tonight or anything too strenuous tomorrow.

Here's wishing good luck to everyone else training for a stair race!!!

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